Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria

Association of medical students in Bulgaria (AMSB) is a private, independent, non-political, non-profit organization of medical students in Bulgaria. Association was established on 03/03/1990 and is one of the largest youth organizations in Bulgaria. AMSB has earned recognition of Bulgarian Medical Association as the official forum for medical students in Bulgaria. In AMSB there are 6 full members – AMSB – Sofia, AMSB – Sofia University, AMS Plovdiv, AMSB – Stara Zagora, AMSB – Varna and AMSB – Pleven.

The objectives of the organization are:

  1. Consolidation of medical students in Bulgaria, regardless of their political, religious and national identity in order to democratize the educational process in universities;

  2. Improving professional qualifications and raising the social status of medical students;

  3. Exchange of information, analysis, compilation and publication of the problems of medical training and coordination of efforts to deal with them;

  4. Organizing international student exchange;

  5. Submission to the state authorities and public organizations of the social problems of medical students and seeking assistance to solve them;

  6. Defend the rights and legitimate interests of medical students;

  7. Providing comprehensive assistance in the implementation of individual and collective initiatives of medical students;

  8. Support and funding of research projects in the field of medicine;

  9. Organization of scientific and youth forums with national and international participation;

  10. Organizing and conducting campaigns and activities concerning the prevention of common and socially significant diseases separately and in collaboration with other NGOs(nongoverment organisations);

  11. The organization(AMSB) is a full member of the International Federation of Medical Students – the largest student organization in the world, representing 1.5 million students – medical students  from 105 countries and partnered with WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population) and others. AMSB is co-founder and the National Youth Forum.

  12. The Association contributes for improving the skills of medical students in Bulgaria through experience and additional professional development opportunities, that it provides.

Implemented projects and working in healthcare, AMSB is socially important organization with a vital role in the prevention and the promotion of public health. An important part of the association activity is organizing campaigns with public interest aimed at improving healthculture of the population.